3-WAY CUM "1993 - 1998" 2LP (Ltd.400 with POSTER + STICKER)

活動期間は1993年から1997年、EXPLOATOR、VERDICT、WARCOLLAPSE、SAUNA、UNARMED、WARCOLLAPSE、SVAVELDIOXID、SMOL等の現/ex-メンバーが在籍していたSWEDEN産90's ツインVo+ツインギター6人組TOTAL CRUSTCOREグループの全音源をコンパイルした2024年2枚組ディスコグラフィーLP!

ツインVoという事で当時はEXTREME NOISE TERRORのスウェーデン版みたいな扱いもされていた記憶がありますが今聴くとANTI-CIMEX〜TOTALITAR〜SOND OF DISASTER等の同郷SWEDISH RAW KANG先人グループ達の伝統に根差した、よりタイトかつブルータルなスカンジナヴィアン・サウンドを展開していたんだなと実感させるボリュームたっぶり2枚組全40曲入り!


A1 Rättvisa
A2 Doesn't Make Sense
A3 Home Sweet Hell
A4 Money Makes The World Go Round
A5 Angels Of Dirt
A6 Poisoned By Your Greed
A7 Watch
A8 Battle Of Opinions
A9 Government Assholes
A10 Begging For Help
B11 Kill & Infest
B12 Colours
B13 Use The Resources
B14 Make Me Puke
B15 Not Your Problem
B16 Witchfinders
B17 The Hard Way
B18 Killing The Life
B19 Blood On My Pillow
B20 Oppression
C21 Bizarre
C22 Tortures
C23 Reptiles
C24 Government Fartknockers
C25 Machineries
C26 Far Above
C27 Lost In The Minefield
C28 Streetlight Hero
C29 Follow Our Urges
C30 Your Nightmare
D31 I Wanna Be Your Dog
D32 Another Wasted Life
D33 Mountains Of Madness
D34 Pleasure Of Pain
D35 Return To The Base
D36 Slowly We Rot
D37 None Of Your Business
D38 Scientific Toy
D39 Out Of Your Mind
D40 Just Another Creep

Songs 1-8 taken from "Battle Of Opinions" (7" Sound Pollution Records)
Songs 9-11 taken from "Distortion To Hell" (Comp. CD Distortion Records)
Songs 12-15 taken from split 7" with Deformed Conscience (Sludge Records)
Songs 16-31 taken from "Killing The Life" (LP Sound Pollution Records)
Songs 32-33 taken from "Love Is Still Around" (Comp. CD Birdnest Records / Skrikhult Productions)
Songs 34-35 taken from split 7" with A.O.S. (Skit Records)
Songs 36-40 taken from "The Last C Show ?" (7" Elderberry Records)

販売価格 4,950円(税込)
型番 Halvfabrikat Records / Phobia Records