GEHENNAH "Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die + Metal Police" 2CD (LTD.)

SWEDISHトータルVENOMウォーシップMETAL PUNK先駆的グループ、2016年5thアルバムに2015年4thアルバムが丸々収録されたボーナスCD付属の限定2CDバージョン!


Disc-1 "Too Loud to Live Too Drunk to Die"(2016)

1. Still the Elite
2. Life Metal Must Die
3. Too Loud to Livecomma Too Drunk to Die
4. Scumbag
5. Gehennah Will Destroy Your Life
6. Let's Fall off the Wagon
7. 'Cause We're a Street Metal Band
8. Tonight We Fight
9. When All Else Fails - Destroy!
10. Low on Cashcomma High on Speed
11. We Stole Your Song
12. Unholy & Unpleasant
13. All of the Decadencecomma None of the Success (Cut)

Disc-2 "METAL POLICE"(2014)

1. Metal Police  
2. Four Knuckle Facelift  
3. Crime Career  
4. Fuck 'em All (Dwarves cover)  
5. Carve off Your Face (And Shove It up Your Ass)  
6. Black Jack Loser  
7. Decibel Rebel  
8. 666 Drunks & Rock n' Roll  
9. Bitch with a Bulletbelt  
10. Hellstorm  
11. Six-Pack Queen  
12. Piss offcomma I'm Drinking

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型番 Metal Blade Records