D.R.I. "Violent Pacification... And More Rotten Hits 1983-1987" LP

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”Dirty Rotten” 12EP (tracks A1, A2, B5, B6)
”Violent Pacification” EP (tracks A3, A4)
"Dealing With It!" LP (tracks A5, A6, A7)
"Crossover" LP (tracks A8, B1, B2, B3, B4, B7)

A1 Who Am I?
A2 Commuter Man
A3 Violent Pacification
A4 Couch Slouch
A5 Mad Man
A6 Argument Then War
A7 Nursing Home Blues
A8 A Coffin
B1 Redline
B2 No Religion
B3 Five Year Plan
B4 Hooked
B5 Sad To Be
B6 I Don’t Need Society
B7 Probation

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