POISON IDEA "Feel The Darkness - Expanded Edition - Kings Of Punk, Vol. 6" 2 x LP (GATEFOLD)



オリジナル24 TRACKアナログリールをもとにあのTOXIC HOLOCAUSTのJoel Grind氏による完全リミックス&リマスター!

ボーナスLPにはシングルB面収録曲、”Plastic Bomb"等"Feel The Darkness”収録曲のALTERNATE MIXその他収録の全10曲収録のトータル全23曲入り!!


LP1 (本編)

A1 Plastic Bomb
A2 Deep Sleep
A3 The Badge
A4 Just To Get Away
A5 Gone For Good
A6 Death Of An Idiot Blues
A7 Taken By Surprise
B8 Alan's On Fire
B9 Welcome To Krell
B10 Nation Of Finks
B11 Back Stab Gospel
B12 Painkiller
B13 Feel The Darkness

LP2 (ボーナスLP)

C14 We Got The Beat
C15 Discontent
C16 Jail House Stomp
C17 The Harder They Come
C18 Lawdy Miss Clawdy
C19 This Is It (aka Desecrate)
D20 Plastic Bomb - Alternate Mix
D21 Death Of An Idiot Blues - Thee Idiot Mix
D22 Feel The Darkness - Remix Mix
D23 Crack Smoking Freak

販売価格 3,960円(税込)
型番 American Leather Records