WARFEAR "Dead, Unburied, Forgotten" LP (USED 中古)

ジャケット : 良好



UK SORE THROATのヴォーカリストRich Militia氏のサイドプロジェクトグループ、ベスト盤

Rich Militia氏はギタリストを担当

2007年CRUST WARリリース


Dig Your Own Grave Demo (June 1989)
A1 Sludge Lord
A2 Fill In The Form
A3 Insanitarium
A4 Emotion Disposer
A5 Emotion Disposer II
A6 Rights? No Rights!
A7 Face Down
A8 Terror Reign
A9 Riot To Survive
A10 Re-Animator
A11 Dig Your Own Grave

From Sampler LP (March 1990)
A12 All Fall Down
A13 Out Of The Ruins

Soundboard Rehearsal (February 1990)
A14 All Fall Down

Intelligence Explosion Demo (September 1989)
B1 Sludge Lord
B2 A.Y.C.
B3 Sick Fucking Bastard
B4 Right To Choose
B5 Crossed Wires
B6 Dig Your Own Grave

Soundboard Rehearsal (May 1989)
B7 Emotion Disposer II
B8 Rights? No Rights!
B9 Face Down
B10 Fill In The Form
B11 Terror Reign
B12 Insanitarium
B13 Riot To Survive
B14 Dig Your Own Grave

販売価格 1,000円(税込)
型番 Crust War