RED "Golden Oath Of Allegiance + Demo + Comp Tracks" CD


CDバージョンもリリースされました、2021年ドイツRegurgitated Semen Recordsリリース!

大阪GRIND NOISE伝説WORLDのフロント二翼を担った不屈の特攻ヴォーカリストカワバタ氏率いるGRIND OSAKA代表GRINDCOREグループ、REDのディスコグラフィーCD!

2006年リリース1stアルバム”Golden Oath Of Allegiance”11曲に始まり、オムニバス収録音源8曲と、何と2000年デモも10曲収録の全29曲と超粉砕ボリューミーな内容となっております!


Golden Oath Of Allegiance
1 Soft Machine
2 Distorted Class System
3 Feeling Myself Disintegrate
4 Bloodstains On Salvation
5 Two Black Eyes
6 Violent Pains Multiply
7 Hatered Line
8 Cruelty Falling Everyday
9 At Incompetent Competitive Spirit
10 Golden Oath Of Allegiance
11 Binding Yourself By Ignorance

*Grind Osaka Compilation
12 Divided Grief Burns You
13 Rasing Chains Keep Twining
14 The Absurd Means To Survive Your Life

*Grind Bastards Compilation
15 Stench Of Profit (Live) (by Brutal Truth)
16 Divided Grief Burns You (Live)
17 Raging Chains Keep Twining (Live)

*Grind Bastards #2 Compilation
18 Negative Approach (by Napalm Death)
19 Rising Chains Keep Twining

*Demo 00
20 Man-Made Surffering
21 City Draw Breath
22 Maximum Terror
23 The Corruption Game With Devastation
24 Scratch Personalities
25 Spirals Of Transmission
26 Increace Of Unconscious Zombi
27 Lose Sight Of Enemies
28 The World Starts Downfall
29 Bloodshot Eyes

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型番 Regurgitated Semen Records