CIRCLE ONE "Survive" LP (中古USED)

最初期80's U.S.カリフォルニアHC

1991年リリース DEMO / LIVE 編集盤

ジャケ / 盤質 : 良好


From Demo May 1981
A1 One Chord
A2 In This City
A3 F.O.
A4 G.I. Combat
A5 Left - Right - Left
A6 Red Machine
A7 High School Society
A8 Plastic Life
A9 Relics From The Past

From Demo October 1981
A10 W.A.P.

Live Eastern Front Show 1982
A11 Metal Roulette
A12 God Bless America
A13 Societies Tool
A14 When The Bomb Falls

Live Phoenix, Arizona 1982
B1 Fading
B2 Destroy Exxon
B3 Unity
B4 G.I. Combat
B5 Are You Afraid
B6 Patterns Of Force
B7 Plastic Life
B8 Draw The Line
B9 Pride
B10 Survive
B11 Going Against The Grain
B12 Rapture
B13 Our Sword

販売価格 2,800円(税込)
型番 Lost And Found Records