VARIOUS / オムニバス "...And Still It's Grim Up North!" CD (DIGI-PACK)

UK北東部を拠点に活動する現行ANARCHO HCグループ3バンドを集めた2018年オムニバスCD!




1 –Frenetix No One Is Illegal
2 –Frenetix State Sponsored Genocide
3 –Frenetix Don't Deny Me
4 –Frenetix No Solution
5 –Frenetix Why Must I Die?
6 –Decontrol Chemtrails
7 –Decontrol Null The Cull
8 –Decontrol Designer Hell
9 –Decontrol Control-Alt-Defeat
10 –Decontrol Hiroshima Is Here Again
11 –Anord Day Of The Brain Dead
12 –Anord I Am Grim Reality
13 –Anord Sitting In The Dock At The Hague
14 –Anord Send In The Tanks
15 –Anord Fun To Be A Freak

販売価格 1,296円(税込)
型番 Chaos Control